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If you like tropical vacations and travel then you must check out Anguilla, the Caribbean's most southern point. This island is located about 500km off the coast of Venezuela in the Southern Caribbean Sea. In case you have never been to Anguilla chances are that you have never even heard of it before. It is probably best that you do check out this destination soon because its popularity is only increasing by the day. In fact, there are more visitors moving to this island every year because its beauty and tourist attractions have made it a favorite with honeymooners, families on vacation, and people looking for a relaxing place to spend their days.

The perfect weather and beaches make this island paradise all the more attractive. Anguilla is considered to be a very special destination by many who come here and explore its lovely resorts and beaches. January to July is considered to be the high season in Anguilla when the weather is cool and relaxing. Visitors who come during the high season are guaranteed a very fun and enjoyable vacation. Other months may not offer as much sunshine but the weather remains pleasant and doesn't get as hot as it does during the summer months.

The four seasons of Anguilla definitely play an important role in helping to determine which months are considered to be the high season. Visitors who go to Anguilla in the high season can attest to the fact that the island feels extremely warm during January while sometime it gets cold during December. The four seasons of Anguilla also indicate the different months of the year. Visitors should take note of these facts before planning their holidays to Anguilla next year.

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