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Cámaras en Vivo destacadas en Aruba


Sint Anna


Aruba weather is very pleasant during the summer. The weather in Aruba tends to get a little too humid in the evening but the sun will shine bright when you are out and about in Aruba. Aruba travel has become very popular over the last decade because the tourism industry has boomed there. Tourists from all over the world fly to Aruba on vacation packages to experience all that this place has to offer. So tourism has been one of the major drivers of growth in Aruba.

Weather in Aruba is also favorable year round. Although there can be some fluctuations, the average temperatures are around fifty-five degrees with little rainfall during the winter months. Generally speaking, this Caribbean island is one of the best vacation spots on the Caribbean coast. That is because the tiny island of Aruba lays within the southern edge of this Caribbean hurricane zone. So it avoided most of the hurricanes and storms that roll across the Caribbean towards the central area of South America every year.

When it comes to traveling and tourism in Aruba, the winds and rains have been playing a major role as well. The average high temperature on Aruba has hit a hundred and twenty-five degrees in the past and the water temperatures average around seventy-eight degrees during the summer. If you plan on visiting during the summer, then you might want to consider planning your Aruba vacation during the winter or the fall. Because of the relatively mild weather in Aruba, visitors often find the waters of this island to be crystal clear.

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