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Australia, or "the land down under," is a traveler's fantasy, thanks to its scenic sandy beaches, adventurous cities and untamed bush, loaded with iconic wildlife like kangaroos and koalas. But don't come here in summer, when the weather is too hot for even the largest of animals. Instead, come in winter, when temperatures are well below zero, and you will be greeted by an unruffled winter sun and sparkling surf. Don't come to Australia in summer, when the weather is too hot for even the largest animals.

Australia's peak seasons occur in the winter, from late September to early March, and from mid-April to late June. Most of Australia's summer months are not crowded, as it is during the autumn and winter seasons, but visitors can still enjoy Australia's fantastic travel weather. Australia's two major islands of Queensland and New South Wales, and the Australian Capital Region (Canberra), are the most popular places to visit during the summer. In fact, most visitors come to Australia between mid-November and mid-March, because the weather in Australia is not as hot as during the summer months. However, summer is a good time to go to Australia, because it is when most visitors to Australia leave from their respective countries of origin. Traveling during the cooler spring and fall months, allows one to see more of Australia's wonders, and makes for an enjoyable Australia travel experience.

When visiting Australia in the summer is the best time to visit for those who love the outdoors, Australia offers many opportunities to backpack across its vast land. The Great Barrier Reef is a must see, and even those not into the sea can go snorkeling. Wildlife abounds in Australia, with over half of Australia's mammals and nearly a quarter of its birds being protected, and protected at suitable reserves. If you love wildlife, Australia is a great place to visit; you will also get a chance to experience aborigines culture.

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