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La ciudad de la esperanza


The tropical islands of Bahamas have long been popular travel destinations. Bahamas is also called as Caribbean Cruise Destination or Bracewest. This destination is preferred by many travelers who like to spend their holidays sunbathing and having fun on the beach. It offers some of the best beaches in the world that attract many vacationers. Tourism in Bahamas is growing day by day, which means that more people from different countries come to visit this destination every year.

With almost 7 million visitors every year, it is estimated that Bahamas is one of the most popular tourist destinations. Bahamas has three main islands: The Bahamas, Pecos or Grand Cayman, and St. Thomas. With about 3700 square kilometers, Andros is the biggest of all the Bahama Islands in regard to total area. The highest peak of this island is Mount Elmer with just 63 meters on Cat Island. The waters around these islands are quite shallow, thus the name Bahamas.

These islands offer great weather for tourists. The best time to travel to Bahamas is during the rainy season or mid-December to March. But if you wish to see all these wonderful islands then it is a good idea to travel in the wet season which starts from May until October. In this season, the temperature of the air around the islands is quite cold but the ocean water is warmer. Hence you will not need to pack much clothing when traveling to these islands.

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