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The delightful English-speaking people of Barbados make visiting their island a very pleasurable experience, but you should be aware of the fact that although English is widely spoken in Barbados, the only major language spoken in the island is English. Most people who travel to Barbados either intend to go on a holiday or to study English as a second language so that they can travel to nearby British-dominant countries such as the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. The large number of tourists visiting Barbados every year makes it a popular location for English courses.

The best time to go to Barbados is usually between mid-November and July, when the hurricane season is over. Although this months fall within the hurricane season of the Caribbean, hurricanes seldom strike the island, and if you travel during this period of the year, you may attend one of the many lively Caribbean festivals held during this time of the year. The festival, which takes place between mid-November and mid-March is known as the Jazz Festival, and attracts visitors from all over the world. This festival includes a variety of dance performances by local Caribbean artists. If you are interested in taking part in Carnival sports, you will find that this part of Barbados offers the best nightlife in the island. Bars and nightclubs offer plenty of exciting drink deals during this time, and there is plenty of opportunity for mingling with the locals.

Between December and March the official hurricane season in Barbados resumes, but this doesn't stop the Caribbean community from enjoying its summer season. Hotels and resorts offer great deals to visitors interested in visiting Barbados over the four months which follow the hurricane season. During this time, Barbados boasts one of its most beautiful beaches, the Esplanade des Cana which stretches for ten miles along the coast. Although Barbados experiences a large number of rainy days, the climate here is generally warm. There is no doubt that Barbados holidays are made even more enjoyable by the variety of available activities during the summer months.

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