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Cámaras en Vivo destacadas en Bulgaria

Golyamo Dryanovo




What kind of weather is Bulgaria famous for? Bulgaria is bordered on all sides by the Black Sea in the south and by the Snezhanka in the west. In essence, the coast is safe and clean for swimming. The bad side is that the weather was a little cooler than the other Aegean Seas including the Adriatic Sea in Montenegro for much of the year.

Bulgaria's climate has its ups and downs with the hot and humid summers and harsh winter weather. When it does rain, which it does fairly often, it's usually light rain rather than heavy. Sofia receives a fair share of rain, but the coastal cities in the south receive much more. As a result, these coastal cities have long stretches of soggy, rainy days with temperatures barely rising above the boiling point of water.

When it comes to choosing the best time of year to travel to Bulgaria, the summer months are definitely the peak season. This is when most western tourists are vacationing. However, when it does rain in the mountains and the beaches are still warm, it's an ideal time to get away to the mountains and see the beautiful scenery that Bulgaria has to offer. It may not be summer, but winter is definitely better than summer when it comes to Bulgaria travel.

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