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Cyprus has plenty to offer both the business traveler and the leisure traveler. As a nation that lies in between the European Union and Eastern Mediterranean, Cyprus has much to offer a traveler who wishes to explore this beautiful paradise. Tourism in Cyprus is among the most popular tourist activities in the region and is one of the most important sources of revenue for the country. In recent years Cyprus has gained a lot of popularity as a premier location for family vacations. Because of its sandy beaches, warm climate and a great selection of vacation rentals, Cyprus has become a favorite destination for families and singles alike.

With July being the hottest month in Cyprus weatherwise, it is not advisable for planning a trip to Cyprus during this time. The summer months from June to August are known as the "high season" in Cyprus with summer holidays typically longer and more expensive than any other months of the year. The weather in Cyprus tends to get hotter in the summer months which means it may be necessary to travel light on clothes and accessories that require moderate heat. Because of the high tourism season, prices tend to be higher at holiday resorts and hotels.

When the weather warms up in September, the weather in Cyprus tends to become much friendlier. However, the high tourism season still exists so it is best to book your hotel early if you wish to avoid the cost of extra accommodation during these months. The average temperatures during the months of October and November are moderate to warm, with October being the warmest month of the year. Travelers to Cyprus in the autumn months should avoid the extreme heat associated with the weather in Cyprus' mountains as this can lead to problems with the muscles and joints.

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