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Grenada is certainly one of those Caribbean island destinations that attract thousands of visitors annually. With an area of just thirteen square miles, Grenada boasts some of the finest white sand beaches in the world, making it a popular choice for luxurious cruise vacations. Despite its size, however, you will never find a shortage of activities to do and see on this tiny island, regardless of time of year. The best time for your trip to Grenada is at peak season, from mid DECember to mid APRuary, as these are the months when the weather is at its driest, meaning your chances of seeing fantastic wildlife and other natural wonders are at their greatest.

When choosing where to stay, the most obvious choice would be hotels on Grenada's north coast. These are most popular between the months of December and April, offering everything from delicious local cuisine to top end shopping to family entertainment. However, there are some beautiful holiday villas and resorts around the island which are equally popular with tourists. The most popular holiday resorts in Grenada include Grand Bay, which have five-star amenities and excellent views over the bay, and the quieter La Fortuna Resort which offer friendly, intimate surroundings, and a lovely clean pool, as well as many other activities and events taking place year round. The tropical Caribbean atmosphere of Grand Bay is perfect for enjoying the warm climate and sandy beaches; but if you're looking for something a little more sedate, then try the secluded beach at La Fortuna, which is just south of Grand Bay, and has lovely sandy beaches and quiet, secluded coves.

If you're looking for a place to go during the slower months of February and March, then you may be interested in what the Grenada tourism industry has to offer during this time. The month of March is when major tourist events take place - including the Grenada Open, a sailing event that also features the world's largest yacht race. Also during March is Grenada's national wildlife month, Caught Fishing Day, when marine wildlife enthusiasts can enjoy a wide range of different types of fishing from March to November. For those interested in sampling a different side of Grenada, there are also many cultural events, conferences, workshops, conferences and events held during January and February. This includes the annual Jazz Festival, a celebration of Caribbean music and art with traditional dances, cuisine and local entertainment.

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