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Cámaras en Vivo destacadas en Honduras

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Honduras is a popular travel destination for visitors from North America, Europe, and Asia. But what many don't realize is that Honduras is much more than a vacation spot: this Central American country offers visitors an ample amount of things to do while they're here, ranging from experiencing nature on one of its beautiful beaches to enjoying a day of shopping at one of its many shopping malls. In fact, Honduras may be one of the best places to visit in all of Central America and the Caribbean for tourists interested in exploring the nature and history. For travelers looking for adventure, Honduras offers plenty of such activities.

Roatan Beach, on the western side of Honduras' Caribbean coast, is perhaps Honduras' most popular beach. Located approximately forty miles (65 kilometers) away from the north coast of Honduras, Roatan offers a scenic stretch of white sand and clear water for tourists to explore. While there are no nightclubs or restaurants to be found in Roatan, there are plenty of restaurants and even a small harbor for boating, water sports, or simply taking a walk along the coast.

On the eastern side of Honduras in the town of San Juan del Sur, there is another beautiful and historic Caribbean resort-style city that draws a number of tourists every year. San Juan is home to a variety of restaurants and bars, as well as a popular nightlife scene featuring some of Honduras' hottest clubs, bars, dance halls, and lounges. This is another hot spot for travelers looking for a vacation spot other than those located primarily on the eastern side of central America, although San Juan del Sur does enjoy slightly warmer weather than most of its neighbors, including Roatan Beach.

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