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If you are planning on taking Ireland by sea, then you will be glad to know that you will experience no shortage of wind and sunshine on your travels. Ireland is a relatively small enough country to have very different local weather patterns, so the wind and rainfall patterns from one end of Ireland to the other will vary considerably each year. In general, Ireland is fairly pleasant to deal with all year round, but July and August, when the seas are at their warmer best, are the peak months for tourist ship visits. On the other hand, springtime, which includes the wet season, is typically quite mild and welcoming in Ireland.

Weather in Ireland is a big factor in deciding where to go and what to do. Generally, Ireland is not big enough to have many distinct local weather patterns, so what you see and do will depend greatly on the prevailing wind and weather patterns in your chosen area. In general, July has the most attractive weather of the whole year in Ireland, with both the highest yearly high temperature and relative low rainfall. February is typically windier than July and showery, but it does not have a high annual temperature that would make Ireland unlikable to visitors. Hiking enthusiasts will find Ireland's landscape and climate perfect for exploring. Hikers can enjoy Europe's most untouched wilderness, ranging from secluded lakes and rivers to long stretches of rugged mountain terrain, littered with stunning castles and abbeys.

Ireland's most populous area is Dublin, which hosts the country's largest national celebration, The St. Patrick's Day. From Friday to Monday, these celebrations celebrate the life of St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. Throughout Ireland, people celebrate this day with outdoor feasts, parades, music and dancing. Ireland's summer months are typically quite warm, especially in the cities of Galway, Donegal and Mayo, but Ireland's winter months can be harsh, especially across the northern region. October's weather is considered to be pleasant in the west, but a harsh winter makes travel to Ireland very unpleasant.

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