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Islas Vírgenes de EE.UU.

US Virgin Islands tourism is a robust industry, and every year, thousands of tourists come here seeking the ultimate in Caribbean entertainment in the sun. At any given time, there are more than three-thousand people on the islands looking to party from dawn to dusk, or perhaps relax on a beach and partake in some of the best hospitality in the world. The best time of year to visit the US Virgin Islands is between mid-Dec to mid-Mar, when temperatures are mild and tropical storms do not exist. When winter arrives and snow pours down, the tourism industry takes a big hit, but the island remains popular throughout the year.

Although hurricanes are a part of life in the Caribbean, the US Virgin Islands tourism industry has made sure to make provisions in case a hurricane does make an appearance. There are a number of shelters on the island that can be rented by visitors who have no need to endure the wrath of nature. The most essential aspect of a Caribbean vacation is weather, and even here in the US, the best time to plan your trip is in the spring - when the weather is at its finest. Between May and October, US Virgin Islands tourism experiences something called "hurricanes irene", which can actually be quite dangerous; however, these situations do not last too long, and visitors are encouraged to head to the beaches by then.

The most common season in the US Virgin Islands is from late December to early April, when the high season officially ends. The most important tourist time of the year is during the month of June, when it is often referred to as "hurricanes summer". Summers can also be humid, with temperatures topping out at a humid seventy-five degrees Fahrenheit. Visitors planning to make use of Thomas Hurricane Season are advised to book tickets well in advance. This ensures that they are able to reach the Caribbean earlier on in the November, allowing them to visit any of its wonderful resorts, including Negril, St. Croix, or Sandals, whichever appeals to them.

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