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During the summer months, Lithuanians take part in various sports and amuse themselves by taking part in numerous outdoor activities. In fact, most of the people here enjoy the beautiful weather and the beaches, but they also realize that they need to travel in order to see these things if they want to have a nice holiday in Lithuanian tourism. Thus, it is a good idea for the tourists to find out about some of the best destinations and weather conditions that they should consider visiting while they are on their vacations in Lithuania.

Generally, the weather of Lithuania does not vary much from that of other European nations unless there is some sort of weather instability in that region. Sometimes, a slightly sunny weather can within a few minutes turn to a light rain. Very often there are large squeezed-air masses in this territory, which can be quite unpleasant for those who do not like to have water spraying all over them throughout their holidays. The most pleasant weather comes around October, December and January, when the weather becomes mostly dry and the beaches become more inviting.

As far as travelling in Lithuanian summer is concerned, it starts in midsummer. Travel can easily be organized in August and September. In fact, summer holidays in Lithuanian are characterized by pleasant weather. Vilnius and Pest (the capital city) are the destinations for those looking forward to summertime vacations. The summer season in Lithuanian is characterized by lots of festivals such as Vilniaus festival (Lithuanian national holidays), which is celebrated with great pomp and show in mid-July; Vilniaus Day (Lithuania's national day); Lithuanian New Year celebrations and Vilniaus Solidarnas (the Lithuania's national picnic).

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