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Taiwan, which is part of South Korea, has a tropical humid tropical climate characterized by large waves and tropical storms, and warm coastal weather. In terms of national holidays, the first national holiday after New Year is Chinese New Year or Spring Festival, followed by the statutory holiday of Confucius' Day in February, and Taiwan's national holidays are designated as in fall. In Taiwan, tourism is largely dependent on Taiwan Tours, which covers both the attractions within the island and travel around the island. Tourism is one of Taiwan's thriving industries, supported by both domestic and international guests who are able to access and experience a different and welcome way of life in Taiwan. Taiwan has many popular travel destinations, including the capital Taipei, several districts surrounding the city, and the scenic island of Taiwan itself, making it a popular destination for travel around the world.

Taiwan has four main seasons with plenty of time for leisurely strolls or sightseeing in any one of the many touristy regions. Generally speaking the best times to go to Taiwan are from October to March, when weather conditions tend to be mild and mostly temperate across the island. Travelers to Taiwan are advised to avoid the winter months of January to February as this is the harshest season, especially in terms of rainfall. Generally speaking the best months to travel to Taiwan are from March to May, with average temperatures hovering around the 30 degree Celsius mark. Taiwan has a subtropical climate; however, the west coast (the most populated part) tends to receive more precipitation than the other regions. Taiwan's weather can be attributed to a combination of eastern and western influences.

Taiwan has a diverse landscape; however, the weather is typically dry across the island except in the west and northernmost part of the island. Summers are hot and humid, with average temperatures hovering near the high seventies across the island. The best time to travel to Taiwan is from April to June, when the weather is mild and damp only on the east coast. Taiwan travel can be made more enjoyable by choosing one of the Taiwan travel tour packages available today.

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