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Cámaras en Vivo destacadas en Tanzania

Kijibwe Chui



Tanzania has some of the most beautiful scenery in Africa, with the largest number of islands and coastal areas. It is often called a 'Pearl of the African continents', because of its coral reefs, and exotic wildlife. The east coast of Tanzania receives the most tourist traffic, due to the great bulk of the land mass it covers. Most visitors come to Tanzania from the surrounding countries, especially Kenya and Uganda. The eastern coast resorts are generally sandy, whereas the western and northern coast are more rocky and hilly. Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Tarangire and many other game reserves are spreading around the west and north coast, offering good wildlife and bird spotting.

While visiting Tanzania, you should check out the many travel brochures and guidebooks that are available in many towns and cities. One good idea would be to plan your safari ahead, by studying up on local customs and habits, and to make all your arrangements well in advance. Tourism is popular in Tanzania, and the high volumes of visitors that visit the country every year make it popular with opportunists. Be careful, because even though tourism is a boon to the local economy, some areas are extremely dangerous for tourists. Some people are targeting tourists from western and northern Africa, and there have been cases of people traveling from Europe and America to Tanzania, where they attempt to access the Serengeti National Park, illegally. This could lead to serious problems for the Tanzania tourist industry, and tourism in general.

The weather in Tanzania varies considerably each year, and the best time to go there can be any month of the year, but June and July are considering the high season. The eastern coast, including Serengeti, is usually warm from April to September, and the western coast from October to March. The western and central parts of Tanzania tend to get hotter in July, with some hot spots actually experiencing temperatures over 50 degrees Celsius during the day, and dipping below that at night. February is the wettest month, with an average temperature of around 30 degrees Celsius.

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