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Traveling is one of the most popular activities that people usually enjoy in other parts of the world, but not in Trinidad and Tobago (T&T). Tourism is restricted to a few destinations, mostly the Gold Coast, where the weather is pleasant throughout the year. The rest of the island remains cold and damp during the winter period. The rainy season in Trinidad and Tobago normally falls in late summer, with the temperature seldom exceeding 7 C during the whole twelve months.

With the increasing number of visitors visiting Trinidad and Tobago, numerous resorts have mushroomed over the last decade, catering to every kind of budget and lifestyle. There are luxurious hotels, discotheques, restaurants, bars, pubs and golf courses for the enjoyment of tourism. There is also a vibrant nightlife, which features live music and dancing, as well as shops selling all kinds of goods. However, weather conditions in Trinidad and Tobago make travel to the island a bit difficult, with a generally damp and rainy weather prevailing throughout the year.

Although tropical storms are fairly infrequent, Trinidad and Tobago have experienced some of the worst hurricane seasons in history. Hurricane Ivan and remnants of Rita in 2021, resulted in catastrophic flooding that left Port Antonio asunder. Other major hurricanes include ones like Emily and Rita, as well as Hurricane Rita, which hammered the island with heavy rain, forcing the evacuation of thousands of homes and businesses. Hurricanes Arthur and John were equally destructive, while Hurricane Andrew was just weak and missed most of the Island by choice. It is important to note that although all four of these major hurricanes have been rated as being serious or potential hurricanes on the NHC website, none of them have hit Trinidad and Tobago since 2021.

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